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In the Taoist tradition, positive and negative emotions are associated with specific internal organs. One of the keys to good health is to become aware of the emotional energies that reside in their respective organs, and to transform those negative emotional energies into positive virtues. We are all born with the virtues of love, gentleness, kindness, generosity, fairness, courage and trust. Learning ways to gain access to these virtues is an essential part of our practice here. These teachings have enabled me to transform my relationship with myself and the world around me. It is my honor to be able to share them with you.

Wuji Gong

Wuji Gong is a practice that works to integrate source into self, spirit into matter, and the divine into life. It helps us to live our day-to-day life guided by spirit, and thus fulfill our destiny. A simple and graceful chi kung form, this practice takes only 15 minutes, making it easy to maintain as a daily practice.

Most practitioners of this form experience an alignment in their lives between the spiritual and daily aspects. Synchronicities increase, giving one the feeling of flowing harmoniously with life and being divinely guided. One can more easily manifest one’s dreams and visions into reality. Practitioners also experience a deep sense of integrity, and life becomes an effortless flow.

You can now also learn Wuji Gong from my DVD. Please follow this link to order your copy now. In the DVD, I break the practice down into its components and present them in a simple easy to follow manner.

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Meditations offered:

The Inner Smile

The Inner Smile is simple meditation to increase energy, awareness of oneself and strengthen the internal organs. The Inner Smile has the power to change how your whole body feels and functions. It also affects the way you think.

It takes 50 muscles to frown and only 13 to smile. When you smile, everything in your body changes. Imagine that you can direct a smile to any part of your body to help heal yourself. Imagine that where your intention goes, the energy follows. Now stop imagining, because it’s true. Energy follows intention in your outside life as well as within your inner life. Learn this practice as a way to keep your internal life vibrant.

The Six Healing Sounds

The Six Healing Sounds are a meditation to transform negative emotion and energy into positive vitality. This practice uses color, sound and postures to reduce negative energies and welcome in positive ones. This is a great practice to help balance your emotions.

In this practice, you learn how to connect into the organs and actually release negative energies, and literally breathe in positive energies.

The Microcosmic Orbit

In this practice, you learn to circulate life-force energy (Chi) through the primary acupuncture channels of the body. This ancient foundation for healing awakens and channels Universal, Cosmic and Earth forces throughout a circuit of energy with runs through your body like an orbit.

By learning the Microcosmic Orbit it is possible to open up the flow of energy in the body and revitalize parts of your entire being. Learning the Microcosmic orbit is an important foundational practice which allows us to access the energies inside us as well as outside us and to make use of them in our healing process.

Some results of incorporating the Microcosmic Orbit practice into daily life are increased clarity, an increased feeling of groundedness, a little more breathing room in conflict situations, and an experience of presence in your body instead of feeling like everything is happening in "reaction time".

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