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You will remain fully clothed during your Chi Nei Tsang session, while we will slightly adjust your clothes enabling access to the full abdominal cavity. I work directly with the organs and energy points to release blockages.

Chi Nei Tsang is gentle abdominal massage, during which you might feel some pressure. During your session, you lie in a comfortable position on your back with your knees slightly elevated. In this position the abdominal organs are most accessible. After talking a little, we will begin the session. It is important to me that you feel safe.

With continued practice, clients find it easier and easier to access love, freedom and power. They also find that they have more energy to work with these positive life forces. I often hear from my clients that they feel lighter, more grounded, and more balanced. I notice that their faces look more relaxed, loving and open after a session.

In receiving this work, I have found that when we bring with us an intention to allow our bodies to heal, the most profound changes can happen. I hold a space with love, care and mindfulness for you to come forward and allow for the healing that your body needs.

At all times, I invite you to tune into your needs and voice them. Your needs are an essential part of your healing journey and voicing them begins the process of owning what is truly important to you.

My personal daily practice of Chi Kung provides the foundation for my Chi Nei Tsang work with you, and makes it possible for me to recognize blockages around the internal organs of your body, and help you to move and release that energy to heal yourself.

Even though I have studied and practiced to be a facilitator of your healing, you are your own healer. I use my skills to stimulate your body’s natural healing capacities. Rather than focusing on eliminating a particular symptom, I work with your body to effect change from the inside out.

As a part of my practice, I might also offer self-care skills or recommendations of what to do once the session is over to maintain your health. When you study these Chi Kung practices, you and recieve Chi Nei Tsang, you may access more choice, ability to welcome feelings, and a greater sense of your true self. I also teach these skills in classes.

I look forward to working with you to help you find greater peace and grounded energy in your body.