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"Since our session, I have felt lighter, more open and more joyful. The trust and safety you created allowed me to release on a deep level. I have to admit, I was surprised—at first I wasn’t sold on the benefits of abdominal massage (and I had actually had this type of massage with someone else) but now I’m totally hooked! I think you’re a deeply gifted practitioner. I’m already recommending you to everyone I know, and I look forward to many more sessions in the future."

Jill Nagle, writer, mediator

"I hadn't felt that calm and balanced in years, after my massage. An apparent natural, intuitive gift for massage, healing, and overall wellness . . . and a wealth of information. Thank you, David!"

Jeff Johnson

"David creates and holds a very safe and welcoming environment for the exploration of some of my deepest embedded patterning. His 'electric hands' open the doors to reveal what needs to be 'felt' so that the healing processes can begin"

Carol Reed, CMT

"I often long for an experience of deep relaxation but rarely get there. In my session with David, I journeyed to a place of bliss and peace. His touch was conscious and healing. Heaven. I highly recommend his work."

Francesca Gentille, Life & Relationship Counselor

"When I received David's session, at first I felt some issues come up around having my belly touched. I usually keep that area private, so trusting someone else to touch me there was a different experience. David helped me feel totally comfortable and at ease. I was able to relax and completely enjoy what he was offering, and learned a thing or two about my belly and internal organs in the process. David has the hands of a gifted healer, and I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to experience a Chi Nei Tsang session for the first time."

Sherry Huggi-Ma,
Intimacy Coach * Spiritual Ceremony Leader * Filmmaker * Life Lover!

"David Hermele is a unique Chi Nei Tsang practitioner and Chi Kung instructor. I think what sets David apart from other massage therapists is his level of compassion and understanding. He is an educated practitioner who inspires his clients to safely release negativity by holding the space for transformation. David has treated me several times and I would recommend him to families and individuals who seek balance and radiant health".

Sarina Stone, Author "Why real women drink straight Tequila"

"Though I have received Chi Nei Tsang a number of times, I had never experienced the work of David. David has a way of both creating a safe space for someone (me) to relax and surrender into and at the same time, he skillfully took me on a journey. I felt my entire body relax throughout the session. Even when David was working in vulnerable areas of my abdomen (especially my intestines), I consistently felt like I could release whatever stuck energy was there and knew he would hold a powerful space for whatever came up. What a blessing to have received touch from a practitioner of this ancient wisdom!"

Paget Norton, Teacher

"David has great hands and a sense of compassion and calm about him. Getting a massage from David was both deeply relaxing and strangely grounding and rejuvenating. It was unlike any massage I've ever received. Much of it involved massaging the internal organs in my belly while I allowed my body to simply react and process David's movements and pressure energetically!"

Phillipe Lewis

"I met David in the summer of 2008 at the first meditation workshop I ever attended. Because of my inexperience, I was rather anxious about participating in the qi gong sessions. David’s gentle instruction and deep love for the practice soon put me at ease, and in no time at all I felt graceful and calm as I moved through the postures. His quiet strength and astute awareness were integral to the profound experience I had over that weekend."

Lesli in Minneapolis